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AC Milan introduces NBA-style courtside seats to San Siro

AC Milan has introduced a groundbreaking match-day experience with the debut of the NBA-style ‘Court-side’ seating at the iconic San Siro Stadium. This innovative move, a first in European football, offers fans a unique view of the action which resembles the intimate court-side experience at NBA games.

AC Milan Courtside Seats

AC Milan, a club known for its rich history and unique spirit, continues to redefine the football viewing experience with their latest seating concepts. The new ‘Club 1899 Front Row Experience’ places fans right between the dugouts, offering padded seats, exclusive access to the bench area, and a level of intimacy that has been unheard of in the football world.

The initiative, inspired by the courtside seats at NBA games, launched during AC Milan’s recent Europa League match against Roma. It reflects the club’s ongoing efforts to blend sports with superior fan engagement, setting a new standard in global football entertainment. Guests at the debut included Italian celebrities such as rappers Ghali and Blanco, adding to the allure of the new seating spectacle.

AC Milan’s innovative courtside seating embodies the rossoneri spirit, combining a distinctive and innovative approach with a deep-rooted passion for the overall football experience. This ambitious concept not only enhances the Milano match-day experience, but also reinforces their status as a trailblazer within the modern world of football.


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The seats cost €850 for the upcoming Serie A game against Genoa. The ‘Ground Box Experience’ offers more than just a match ticket; it provides a premium, immersive experience. However, fans interested in this unique offering should act quickly. AC Milan plans to leave San Siro for a new 70,000-seat stadium in the near future, signaling the end of an era at this historic venue.

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