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5 of the best Instagram posts this week…

The international break came to a close this week, with the moods varying across Europe after the first round of Euro 2020 qualifying.

There was joy in France for N’golo Kante’s birthday and strength needed from Raheem Sterling to overcome adversity for England in a match where the crowd sadly made headlines.

Bon Anniversaire, N’golo!

Starting with some joyful scenes, the whole French squad and their adoring supporters sung to perhaps their most popular, loveable player, N’golo Kante… who apparently cheats at cards.

Raheem responds to racism

Sadly, in 2019, football and society as a whole, is still not free from racism.

And, with the biggest props to Raheem Sterling, the Manchester City forward is quickly becoming one of the most influential voices in the attempts to eradicate it from the game. He has spoken about the nature of the tabloid press in the UK on more than one occasion and now, faced with far more obvious discrimination thanks to racist chanting from home fans in Montenegro, he has spoken out on Instagram. Football is with you, Raheem Sterling.

Mo Salah will never walk alone, it seems

You know when it comes to the holiday season and all of your friends are trying to look deep on the beach taking photos? Maybe they’ve written ‘wish you were here’ in the sand or the date they met their latest partner? 

Well, that’s Mo Salah on the beach this international break, sending a message back home for all the Liverpool fans…

Patta release a new football jersey

Amsterdam’s favourite streetwear brand unveiled a new football jersey this week and, it’s only natural that they shared it on Instagram.

The models they used? Well, that would be none other than street football royalty.

There are no words for this one…