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Watch Wednesday: Rolex Cellini Time (Rose Gold)

What with it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d use the platform for our weekly timepiece pick as an opportunity to pick a perfect gift.

An extravagant gift to say the least, anyone unwrapping a Rolex Cellini Time on February 14th is to have a present that will truly prove to be timeless. Built to last and of that premium Rolex quality, the whole Cellini range is compromised of some stunning timepieces, all signed off with the Cellini signature on the watchface.

With a bezel set with diamonds and a gorgeous leather strap, this pink-finished watch oozes romance and love. 18 ct Everose gold gives this piece that unique, classy colour and a feminine finish that sees it become a popular choice among the ladies.

Just one timepiece in the Cellini series, there are plenty of other stunning options which could complete one of the most premium his and her’s watch sets imaginable. At just under 20,000 euros, these watches are certainly high-end and you may need a footballers’ pay cheque to afford one, but whether you are shopping or just admiring, there is a lot to enjoy about the Rolex Cellini Time.

To see these watches in the flesh, check out Gassan in Amsterdam.