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visvim’s shirts are the look of the summer…

For our Fashion Friday pick this week, we’ve gone for visvim’s latest Sping/Summer release.

The Japanese brand has released these button-up shirts as slightly cheaper alternatives to the $15k shirt they dropped earlier this year, bringing funky prints and pretty timeless looks to your torso. With a 1950s style in their shape and colour, there is certainly a vintage feel here.

Earthy tones of green, yellow, blue, brown, orange, purple and white in jagged zig-zag-like patterns one some offerings, whilst a more vivid, loud and colourful option comes with vertical patterning. Dyed using natural resources, these are the definition of luxury fashion and fine details have gone into the stitching and finishing touches on each.

They are retailing at around $2500 USD, as Hiroki Nakamura’s brand always commands a fee worthy of such a reputation. These shirts are available now from