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Sneaker of the Week: Puma Thunder Spectra Italy

What with the international break wrapping up this week, it seems fitting that we choose a continental-looking shoe for our Sneaker of the Week.

The Puma Thunder Spectra is the sports brand’s offering when it comes to the popular chunky sneaker style, looking like a smart but very comfy shoe that can be worn with a range of outfits. Coming in a colourway inspired by the Italian flag, leather meets a sporty, athletic mesh fabric true of Puma’s brand.

This is luxury meets sport, something that Italy seems to embody better than any other country. Think Gigi Buffon driving a Ferarri with Andrea Pirlo in the passenger seat, sipping an espresso. 

On top of the creamy, soft white base, accents are provided by the green and red of Italy’s flag and the result is a sense of genuine elegance. These are retailing at around $140 USD and are revered for their comfort.