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Sneaker of the Week: PUMA Inhale (Reissue)

It is no secret that there is a huge appetite for vintage fashion right now, especially when it comes to sports brands.

There is something about sportswear of the ’90s or the sneakers of Y2K, that captivates the current market of younger fashion and sneakerheads. And, as such, Puma has delved into their extensive back catalogue to bring some shoes from the year 2000 back to the current day.

Meet or reintroduce yourself to, the Puma Inhale. Coming in their original colourway of beige, red and black, there is a calm yet somehow fiery feel to these shoes which, thanks to what Puma call ‘e+Cell technology, boast some serious comfort and if needed, sports performance.

But maybe, the best sport to do in these shoes is to simply flex, with the reissued shoe channelling that vintage swagger with a contemporary charm that is all the rage right now. If you like having shoes that not many other people have, this is a good shout, with the Inhale being somewhat of a cult classic rather than a best seller. Time will tell what will happen with its rebirth.