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Sneaker of the Week: Nike take the Blazer back to 1977

What comes to mind when you think of 1977?

Perms? Short football shorts? Well, if you know your Nike sneakers, that year may remind you of the Nike Blazer.

The iconic model has just been released in a 1977 silhouette, with a timeless, vintage looking canvas material used to full effect. Coming in three different colour schemes, these are our pick of the week as far as new sneakers go, with the black, sail and bold ‘pink foam’ get-ups all being strong looks.

Finer details show labelling on the tongue, as well as ‘BLAZER’ and ‘1977’ typography on each of the heels. There is a lot going on here and they have been released as a more low-key drop compared to some of the recent Air Max releases. For their timeless look, these are a flexible sneaker that reference basketball culture from back in the day, too.

What’s not to like? They release on April 12th.