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Sneaker of the Week: Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 in Navy/Gold

Nike’s reinventing and reintroducing of the Air Max Tailwind has gone down really well, with the retro sneaker fitting nicely into the current landscape of old-school shoes.

The even more chunky Air Max is quintessentially nineties and even late-80s, looking like something from a cheesy aerobics-at-home VHS – in a good way. The white upper is added to with accents of gold and then major detailing, creating another classic-looking Air Max Tailwind in a new colour.

The swoosh and other details are embroidered for a high-quality finish, whilst the bubbles in the thick white sole and two-toned in this navy and yellow-gold colour scheme that dominates the sneaker. The price of these sneakers in yet to be released and that is likely to depend on just how many of the shoes are made. The date of release is yet to surface, also, but judging by the unveiling of it this month, we can expect the new Tailwind to be released for Spring/Summer 2019.