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Sneaker of the Week: Handmade Mephisto x Patta…

Patta’s collaborations this year have been far and wide, working with some esteemed new clients and also, not for the time, working with the French heritage brand, Mephisto.

The pair of brands have used the classic Match silhouette, which, as ever, is handmade. In a landscape of fast fashion, such craftmanship is to be respected and the finishing look is worth the effort, too.

Coming in super-smart black and white iterations, the shoes are aesthetically simple but there is nothing wrong with that, looking like a timeless pair of sneakers in either colour. As well as the focus on quality, there is an emphasis on comfort, too. The shoe features a unique lacing system that is specifically designed to reduce any pinching and rubbing that might occur from these finely crafted materials, whilst a padded collar, tongue guard and SOFT-AIR technology add further comfort.

Our sneakers of the week are available from June 28th from Patta’s website, London outlet, Amsterdam outlet and their brand new Milan store.

By Greg Stanley