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Sneaker of the Week: Converse Pro-Ride in Two Dual Colours

Stepping into this week, we have brand new releases from Converse whose Pro-Ride skate shoe has just been released in two new interesting colourways.

Lesser known than the Chuck Taylor All-Star and the One Star, the Pro-Ride shares similarities with both in its shape and use of materials. However, what is unique about this model is the new colourways, with differing block colours on either side of the foot.

Also, more durable canvas and leather meet here, which comes in useful even if you’re not into your skating, as it makes for a very longlasting shoe with a lot of comfort. Coming in burgundy/black/green and a bold purple/black/blue, these are some of the most original looking Converse on the market, but lose none of the goodness that a Chuck or One Star has.

Available in Japan already at retailers like atmos, big fans of Converse will want to keep an eye out for when these become available in Europe.