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Sneaker of the Week: adidas Yung-96

There’s a trend in modern sneakers that has seen them get far chunkier.

Call them Dad shoes or call them what you like, but it’s undeniable that the biggest brands in the sneaker world are living by this new, thicker range of footwear. For those who are big fans of adidas but not necessarily fond of the this new trend, the release of the Yung-96 in this new colourway could be big news.

Similar to it’s chunkier cousin, the Yung-1, this three-stripe decorated shoe has a very familiar look. However, the difference is that it’s a whole lot less clunky and chunky. Without sacrificing any of the comfort, the Yung-96 comes as a slimline alternative to the popular model that came before it.

As for the colours, notes of green, red, and golden yellow create one of the more colourful sneakers released in recent times, giving us a splash of warm in the middle of the winter. Releasing fully next month, these are likely to be a popular sneaker among adidas’ loyal following.