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PUMA unveil the new Storm at RADION

Sportswear giants, PUMA, release their latest sneaker in style this month as the Storm was welcomed into the world in a fittingly energetic manner.

At the stunning event space that is Amsterdam’s RADION, the soundtrack was provided by both stormy sounds upon entrance and the vibrancy of Ploegendienst, fronted by the young icon, Ray Fuego. The cool presentation had it’s own walking plan which, with a cocktail in hand, we navigated, taking on all sorts of extreme weather imagery from the countless screens installed.

Attention to detail at this launch event was much like the sneaker itself, with some amazing features and textures coming together as one. Inspired by the forces of nature, the STORM design is a groundbreaking one, with 90’s colors and a cloud-contoured sole. The upper layer is made of textile, with mesh and suede also creating what could be a new signature look.

A CMEVA midsole and a rubber outsole form a unique design, completely inspired by clouds. With the PUMA logo on the tongue, the collection appears in several colours to match anyone’s taste, something that will help this new sneaker gain the popularity that it surely deserves.

Despite the stormy nature of the whole aesthetic of both the shoes and this event, this could be a must-have for when the weather is at it’s best. Light, comfortable and versatile, these are ideal for the summer and available from PUMA itself. Very much the light at the end of the storm.