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Check out the new Breitling Avenger collection…

The new Breitling Avenger collection is our weekly timepiece highlight, as the famously avian-inspired brand brings back come classic styles.

Breitling has redesigned its Avenger collection – as tough and robust as the name suggests. The Avenger joins the Aviator 8 and the iconic Navitimer in Breitling’s “Air” universe and marks the evolution of the brand’s pilot watches.

The Avenger originally made its debut in 2001. During the relaunch, Breitling gave the collection a modern update. Still using top-of-the-range materials, the collection symbolizes the transition from one of Breitling’s most powerful and characteristic collections to the era of modern aviation.

With several new releases, all ground has been covered here. You’ve got the Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT 45 and GMT 45 Night Mission, the¬†Avenger Chronograph 43,¬†Avenger Automatic 43, Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT 45 and the GMT 45 Night Mission to choose from and you can’t go wrong with either.