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Lewandowski and Putellas star in Zalando’s sports campaign ‘Your Best is Yet to Come’

On the eve of a summer full of global sporting events, Zalando aims to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle and to confidently participate in sports without fear of judgment. Featuring stars such as FC Barcelona player Robert Lewandowski and Alexia Putellas, the campaign highlights the positive impact of sports on well-being and community spirit. Zalando, a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle, encourages people to discover and express themselves through sports with the launch of the new campaign ‘Your Best is Yet to Come.’ This campaign encourages the exploration of various sports disciplines.

Robert Lewandowski Zalando

With growing expectations for the Olympics and the European Championship in Europe, Zalando invites you to participate in this cultural moment and engage in sports in a way that reflects your true self. The campaign focuses on five top athletes who step outside their usual playing fields and take on unexpected challenges in soccer, fitness, and running. They are encouraged to try a new sport or revisit an old one, without fear of judgment, simply by doing their personal best. The campaign stands for the belief that actively engaging in sports, regardless of ability, has a positive impact on both physical and mental health and helps people find more of themselves.

“Collaborating with Zalando for the ‘Your Best is Yet to Come’ campaign was a great experience,’’ says Robert Lewandowski. ‘’It perfectly aligns with my belief that sports are not just about competition, but about constantly improving and reaching new heights without fear of failure. In football, as in life, it’s about progress and getting better every day. This campaign reminds us that our best moments are still ahead and encourages everyone to embrace the ups and downs of their journey.”

Alexia Putellas, captain of FC Barcelona Femení, says: “This campaign is a call to everyone to tirelessly pursue their dreams. The message of ‘Your Best is Yet to Come’ reflects my journey in football: always striving, always progressing, always trying to improve women’s football as much as possible. Football has taught me that greatness is a process. With Zalando, we are spreading this message: no matter your starting point, always try to give your best, and the results will follow.”

Lewandowski Zalando
Alexia Putellas Zalando