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Levchenko showcases sustainable fashion…

Photos by Nanda Hagenaars

Former footballer Evegeniy Levchenko is leading the way towards sustainable fashion, as he collaborates with both fabric factory, Khaloom and suit-maker, Suittruck.

‘The travelling tailor,’ Suittruck prides itself on creating suits for any occasion – anytime and anywhere. Recognising that every man is different – and that a regular 9 to 5 is no longer the norm – their suits are original and tailored to perfection. As such, this rather unique new release is no exception.

Lev has presented self-designed tailored suit made of 100% recycled denim, unique in the fashion industry. The first 50 made-to-measure suits are made entirely from recycled yarn, making them not only fashionable, stylish statement, but also a statement about environmentally-friendly fashion.

Levchenko has said: ‘Textile recycling is still in its infancy in 2019. The exclusivity and high quality of these tailored suits from Khaloom and Suittruck show what is possible with recycled textiles. The entire industry can take this as an example. In addition, as a fashion enthusiast and supporter of the circular economy, I hope that this initiative helps to create more awareness in this consumer society in which we buy, buy and buy so much together: less quantity, more sustainability.’

Continuing this message, the lookbook shows the former Ukraine international posing in the timeless-looking suit in front of clothes waste – future suits! The ethos behind these limited edition suits is something really admirable from all involved, especially as these are two young brands. Available from Khaloom, be quick as these are proving to be popular already.