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have a good time x adidas Originals SS19

Not for the first time, Tokyo streetwear brand have a good time have linked up with adidas Originals to create something very special.

Reminding us of all the good things we associate with adidas through popular culture history – terrace wear, the casuals movement, from Golden Era hip-hop to Brit-pop – this capsule embodies it all. The colour scheme comes from Argentina’s national team and there is an ‘off-the-field’ football feel to the whole range.

The white t-shirt with the striped branding entering from the shoulder has some serious jersey vibes, whilst a reinvented Gazelle shoe has found it’s way into this collection as well. A full tracksuit creates one of the strongest looks of the whole drop, made up of a velvet material that oozes class and swagger.

Sweaters with stitched details and some very subtle additions thanks to the branding of have a good time make for a really unique collab and unique collection in it’s entirety, with even more to enjoy than we’ve pointed out here. For the full collection, check have a good time’s web store.