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France squad put on streetwear catwalk as they meet-up for international break…

Shots of France’s football players arriving at Clairefontaine are always a highlight of the international break.

With some of the most fashionable players in football amongst their ranks, photographers are always on hand to snap the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezzmann as they arrive. On show is some of the freshest streetwear that you’ll see anywhere in the world. Yes, that includes the kids queuing to get into shops around Soho.

While Mbappe keeps it fairly simple with some classic Nike offerings, albeit in vibrant orange, Kingsley Coman was among those that arrived in designer brands. And then there’s Oliver Giroud. The Chelsea forward was rocking shades and a leather jacket, serving motorbike looks as he reported for duty.

You can expect to see some warmer clothes come out soon as France travel to Iceland soon for their match on Friday.

Photos by Jeremie Masuka for FFF.