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Footballers’ Choices: BOLAS Underwear

Inside every issue of Life After Football, we like to provide you with some Footballers’ Choices; a selection of products which we feel particular players would enjoy.

This time, we are looking at one of the understated brands of today, as BOLAS Underwear, for the unsung heroes of football, are of our choices.

BOLAS Underwear is the underwear brand for football fans from all over the world. They embody the pleasure and emotion that characterise football culture, with humour dominating their branding and aesthetic. Whether you are a Sunday League hero or a Premier League star, BOLAS is for you.

Comfortable and durable, these are perfect for before, during and after the game. They are made of ultra-soft cotton and elastane and therefore, fit anybody shape – again, suitable for those Sunday League heroes. A perfect gift for the football fan in your life, take a look at their full collection at their website.