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Don’t miss Fear of God’s new ESSENTIALS…

Our Fashion Friday pick this week comes from Fear of God, as the hugely popular brand drops it’s latest range of ESSENTIALS.

Set to last you through to this fall, F of G have served up their usual combination of extremely high-quality fabrics, minimal designs and a sense of luxury. Debuting some new sub-brands and footwear, this is a collection which has collected various clicks on Hypebeast this week, as the brand so finely tailored to the streetwear and high fashion market hits the sweet spot once again.

Short-sleeved hoodies, athletic shorts and sweatpants act as the staples in this collection for both men and women, whilst more striking pieces come in the form of that bold yellow colour. Known as ‘Vintage Lemonade,’ some of the most iconic releases come in this new colour, ready for both summer and fall, surely, what with the vibrant nature of this new addition to Fear of God’s colour pallette.

Accessories, including messenger bags, backpacks, duffles and socks are to be released, too, with some of this collection expected to drop in late July and the rest in September.