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Fashion Friday: BAPE collab with FC Real Bristol

Not for the first time, the iconic streetwear brand, BAPE, have released something with a football-inspired theme.

However, it is a rarer occasion when they actually collab with a football club – as they have done with PSG this season. Rarer still, is this amazing collab with the fictional football club, FC Real Bristol.

The football culture fashion brand, FCRB, always have something unique up their trendy sleeves and this week they dropped our favourite of all the fashion releases. The iconic camo print and BAPE shark play their part in this collection, which includes training wear and on-pitch attire for the fictional football institution that is FC Real Bristol.

The lookbook features some eery toy models, looking football dolls of yesteryear. They are wearing the collection itself in football settings, where you can see the co-branded pieces in all their glory. Imagery and logos sit in place of where the club emblems, kit manufacturer markings and shirt sponsors do on your standard football shirt, as this collab marries streetwear and sportswear perfectly.

Look out for kidswear in this collection, too, as FC Real Bristol and Bathing APE cover all grounds in terms of accessories and extra merchandise, just as modern football clubs do within their club shops. A supremely detailed release, this all drops on March 23.