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Check out this sapphire-encrusted Rolex Daytona from MAD Paris

For Watch Wednesday this week, we are looking at a really limited, special release that will definitely turn heads.

Retailing at $47,000 USD, this Rolex Daytona was made in collaboration with MAD Paris and is a sapphire-encrusted Daytona. The luxury watch customisation service is world renowned within their sector, able to work with the biggest watch brands and take them to new levels of contemporary luxury.

This watch has black diamond-like carbon coating, making it extremely tough and durable as well good-looking. In all black, there is a more subtle classiness to this timepiece… that is until those sapphire crystals catch the sunlight. The Oyster bracelet ties off this watch, adding some superior wrist comfort and continuing the all-black aesthetic.

This limited release will be a hard one to get your hands on, but for all your Rolex needs, check out Amsterdam’s own GASSAN.