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C.P. Company reintroduce Bespoke Colour

As a founder and innovator of the garment dyeing technique that was prominent in the early ’70’s, C.P. Company have reintroduced their bespoke colouring once more.

Fans of the brand are getting the chance to create their own unique products thanks to the access CP are giving to their technique, with some amazingly unique pieces being the result. Customers can choose a product from their selection of garments. After, you can select a colour from their extensive selection.

Customers will be sent their personalized garments within just two weeks of ordering, as this hands-on approach to making exclusive clothes proves it’s efficiency as well as flair. All pieces from the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour range will also have their own colour-coded label and their own special edition version of the iconic goggles that adorn so many CP garments.

Discover more information at their website.

By Dylan Duivesteijn