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FC Barcelona’s NFT Series exhibition in Moco Museum Amsterdam

FC Barcelona has entered the art space at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. The club’s NFT series ‘’Masterpiece’’ is a tribute to FC Barcelona and the iconic players and moments that have inspired many generations. The exhibition will be run from the 30th of May 2024 until the 24th of June 2024. 

FC Barcelona Moco Museum

The exhibition at the Moco Museum contains the first two NFTs inspired by legendary players Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas. It celebrates football’s rich heritage and the importance of feeling empowered to dream big. The ‘’Masterpiece’’ series serves as a digital time capsule. The ‘’In A Way, Immortal’’ NFT captures Cruyff’s iconic ‘Flying Dutchman’ goal and the ‘’Empowerment’’ NFT features Alexia Putellas, a role model for women’s empowerment in football. 

Both pieces, which try to connect football fans around the world in a digital age, can be seen at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam from the 30th of May 2024 until the 24th of June 2024.