Wu-Tang Clan football jersey – sponsored by C.R.E.A.M


‘C.R.E.A.M’ was the hit song and the motto of the Wu-Tang Clan as they burst onto the hip-hop scene in the 1990s, straight out of New York City. They brought with them serious energy across every single member, from Method Man to RZA and GZA, as they captured the imagination of a worldwide fanbase.

Their influence is still felt today with their attitudes living on through a number of associated acts and the members that are still active – Wu-Tang truly lives forever. The clique have been embossed onto a football jersey thanks to an independent brand, ‘FC Villa Killa.’ Amazing, this young brand has seen their whole stock of Nike and Wu-Tang shirts sell out quickly, so if you’re reading this it’s too late. However, the endorsing of ‘CREAM’ across the shirt like a sponsor means that this release was fittingly timed, as Neymar’s gargantuan transfer fee sent shockwaves through the sport. €222 million purchased the Brazilian superstar, plus there’ll be more cash in his monthly wage packet and from all the sponsors, clamouring for a piece of Ligue 1’s new main man.

It’s been well over 20 years that Ghostface Killah, Method Man, ODB, Raekwon and the rest of the clan told us that cash rules everything around us, but in terms of football, it’s never been so true as today.