What do you buy someone who has everything?

With Christmas approaching there is an annual problem for some; what do you buy someone has everything they want?

You know the type, the person that just buys what they need. No need for an occasion. Well, it’s this that has inspired a new, unique, and exclusive brand for luxury men’s accessories; Status Medal.

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Kaylee Ramman, girlfriend of AFC Bournemouth player and Dutch international Nathan Aké is the co-owner of the exclusive brand, with the thinking behind the gift sets and accessories from Status Medal being that they are specially created for those who have reached the extraordinary. The collection consists of five unique, 18 karat gold medals and accessories with 24 karat gold layering.

The medals are embedded with diamonds, of which the sizes vary between 0.10 and 0.24 carat, creating a truly unique addition to an outfit and even more unique gift. There are suit pins and cufflinks among the range to match the medals and these are also embedded with diamonds, rounding off an extremely classy and special collection in the debut of this young brand.

Crafted in collaboration with the prestige jewellers, Gassan, Status Medal will unveil the full collection to the world at the famous Masters of LXRY event next month. The theme of this year’s event is Design and thus, this collection is an ideal feature. With well thought out symbolism such as the wreath detailings and the opportunity to personalise elements of the range, Status Medal is a fittingly innovative at Masters of LXRY 17.

Get down to the event and get down to their stand – you may just get the perfect gift for a special someone.