Wednesday Wheels: Alfa Romeo Stelvio


For our first Wednesday Wheels of the year, we’re looking at the beautifully crafted Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

A fine example of Alfa Romeo’s ability to combine luxury and performance, this SUV has it all. Like no other, Alfa Romeo Stelvio contradicts traditional SUV values. Ride height and comfort blend harmoniously with driver appeal. It rewrites the rules of its class, to become the ideal car for those who won’t settle for less, offering the versatility of an SUV with the performance of the latest benchmark in sports saloons.

The versatility of the car has been proven in extreme circumstances before, testing out it’s abilities on ice alongside the Guilia. An extreme display of it’s abilities, of course, but an amazing way to showcase the elegance and performance of this special car.

Every single line of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio bears witness to the brands uncompromising quest for stunning design. That’s why the solid, substantial proportions of the SUV generate a striking new harmony with the brand’s defining features, making the Stelvio a fitting member of the Alfa Romeo family.

Released last year, the Stelvio is available in all of it’s glory from many sellers and showrooms, including Vaneman who proudly stock a great array of Alfa Romeo’s beautiful cars.