Wednesday Wheels: Porsche 911 Carrera T

porsche-zoom2 (2)

Porsche 911. It’s a car that rings bells, reminding us all of a truly iconic sports car known throughout the world. So when a new one is revealed, you have to pay attention.

The Porsche 911 Carrera T is the latest reboot, inspired by a classic in the form of the 1968 911 T. However, this new model is designed to offer a more focused driving experience than its Carrera and Carrera S siblings, with less weight and more speed.

The Carrera T features a seven-speed manual gearbox with shorter ratios, bringing down it’s 62mph sprint to 4.5sec, a tenth faster than standard. Such speed has become the norm for Porsche throughout history, but it’s a testament to the brand that they improve on their performance year after year – and 2018 is already looking like a speedy one.

From the satisfaction of the noise of the door shutting to the comfort of the two front seats that this car encompasses, this is an obviously well thought about vehicle. The interior is so well-designed that everything you need as a driver is in reach; the mode switch to change your style of drive and performance, smooth-finish leather surfaces and of course, the best of it all, the GT Sport steering wheel.

The interior is just for you, but the exterior? That’s for the whole world to enjoy.

As per, the most beautiful Porsche design as the famous brand perfects it’s most famous model. Decorative stripes with the sleek logo along the side make an eye-catching car even more so, with such subtle details being what makes the appearance of this vehicle so special. Available in several colours but recommended in the famous yellow, this is a car that looks as good as it feels to drive.

What a way to start the year from Porsche. Hit up Porsche Centrum Amsterdam and prepare to speed out of there faster than ever before.