Wednesday Wheels: Lamborghini URUS


Known for pushing boundaries, always, Lamborghini has produced a world first: A SUPER SUV.

With super sports car soul courtesy of the brand’s amazing history in sports cars, alongside the functionality more typical of an SUV, the Lamborghini Urus is something special. They’re calling it the ‘world’s first Super Sports Utility Vehicle’ due to this easy to feel authentic Lamborghini DNA, meaning the Urus is a groundbreaking car.

The extreme appearance, the pure Lamborghini design and the outstanding performance make it one of the stronger additions to a popular and vibrant SUV market. Urus’ distinctive silhouette with a dynamic flying coupé line shows its super sports origins, while its outstanding proportions convey the strength, solidity and safety that Lambo are proud of in this vehicle.

But it’s that look that makes this SUV different from the rest, with those distinctively Lamborghini lines giving this the look of a sports car in a bigger form. Influenced clearly by its speedy forefathers like the Aventador and Huracan, this new addition to the Lamborghini family really is the most cutting edge. Rarely to performance and comfort meet so brilliantly as with the Urus.