Watch Wednesday: A Christmas classic from Ateliers de Monaco

For this edition of Watch Wednesday, we’re looking at a classic, timeless looking piece from the esteemed Ateliers de Monaco; The¬†ADMIRAL CHRONOGRAPHE FLYBACK CLASSIQUE.

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With only 88 of these beautiful¬†timepieces made, this gorgeous, classy men’s watch is as exclusive as it is stylish. In this brown leather colourway, expect an 18K rose gold 3 piece case, fully polished and assembled by the hands of a true craftsman at this special brand.

The front and back feature sapphire crystal, as the toughest and most beautiful materials come together to create a piece of art for one’ wrist. Multi-layered anti-reflection coating on that sapphire crystal means an ever-readable watch, regardless of where the journey wearing it may take you. Be it the winter sun of the alps or the simmering summer on the beach, this is a watch for all occasions – adding elegance to any outfit.

This mechanism is unlike other chronographs and is directly actioned by the 4 o’clock pusher. The advantage of this mechanism is that it has a multi-function Flyback hammer. This Flyback Hammer is programmed to action and disengage the chronograph clutch wheel, engage the brake, turn the chronograph second and minute wheel. Detailing from the captivating outside, all the way to the advanced mechanisms¬†that quite literally make Ateliers de Monaco tick.


De Monaco was founded in 2008 with the aim to let the next generation of watchmakers create timepieces of exceptional quality. Always coming with the latest innovation and the rarest, most exquisite and robust materials; they go far beyond what was considered possible with their craft. By having one of their exclusive watches on your wrist, you are a part of their ambitious vision for the future of watchmaking.

You can buy them here, and it’s always worth checking Amsterdam’s Gassan for an Xmas watch.