Vote for your favourite Air Max!

Nike introduced Air Cushioning Technology in 1979.

By applying Air Max cushioning in the soles of the Nike Air sneakers, there was a new world for athletes and athletic performance became better. Eight years later, Nike continues to make scientific discoveries in the shoes. Also, with the Air unit in 1987 was first made visible in the Nike Air shoes. Since then, athletes were able to not only feel the benefits of the Nike Air shoes but also see them. Over the years Nike has developed a huge amount of Nike Air products. Many of them have become an icon, both in sport, as well as in culture, just like the subculture Gabber.


The term gabber originates from Yiddish and means friend or buddy. Like most youth subcultures, it was built on a solid foundation of music and in this case, hardcore. Not the punk hardcore from the late ’70s, early ’80s, but the electronic version that evolved out of house music. They were known for their bald heads, tracksuits and Air Max trainers. It wasn’t just about style though, function was just as important. So comfortable clothes and trainers were a must. And it’s easier to wipe sweat from a bald head than from a head filled with hair…

It’s almost Air Max Day and Nike celebrates it in a unique way, making a poll with a wide range of Air Max shoes and one of the winning shoe will be reincarnated. Which one is up to the audience. You can vote until 00:00 March 25th so head over to Nike and vote for your favourite one!