Vice sponsor Red Star FC


The Parisian club, Red Star, has long been a culturally significant force in European football.

In the wake of the giants they share the city with breaking the record for the largest ever transfer fee, Red Star, far more humble than the wealthy PSG, have furthered their alternative image by being endorsed by Vice. The alternative media company, renowned for its close ties with socialism and hipsterism, seems a good match for the Ligue 2 club, whose cult status brings them a similar appeal.

In such a social landscape as diverse as that of Paris, Red Star embodies an attitude amongst locals that is found more so in the suburbs, the blocks of flats and on the streets than in the Parc des Princes. Vice, with their worldwide audience, will bring this unique football club to the attention of people outside the sport and far outside Paris.

It’s been a busy summer of football in the French capital and the cultural influence of football looks as though it will continue to grow – thanks to both the arrival of Neymar, and this far more subtle new addition to Parisian football.