Umbro x Off White

As we already know, football can creep into fashion and vice versa.

The convergence of the two worlds is a wonderful thing and is a testament to the cultural influence of football on matters far away from the white lines of the pitch. Umbro is amongst the most famous manufacturers in the sport, producing hundreds of memorable kits down the years from their geometric silhouettes of the early nineties to their classical looking kits of today.

So when Umbro teamed up with Off White, one of the most talked about and constantly trend-setting brands on the catwalks of today, the results were sure to get the attention of not just us at LAF but from anyone invested in our unique culture.

With typically sick patchwork from Off White, blended with the sporty connotations of Umbro, the clothes produced are unique, genuinely stylish and wearable, and quite possibly part of a collection that will be remembered as iconic.

As well as the tartan numbers, tracksuit-like wear has been crafted with a training top seemingly inspired by 90s football gear a certain highlight. This fresh take on football and fashion was given the fitting stage of none other than Paris Fashion Week as Off White unveiled their always anticipated Spring collection.

The clothing has gone viral somewhat with Instagram accounts such as our own among many others posting these staggering garms from the collaboration Рa pairing that has history with the all-white sneakers released a couple weeks back.

The duo seems to work well together and whether or not they team up again, this collection will always be legendary.