UK’s Road140 drop a football shirt capsule

The football jersey has often been seen as a blank canvas in which creatives can work with, and this has proven to be the case once more as British collective, Road140, re-work some modern jerseys.

Playing with what looks an awful lot like Bayern Munich and PSG shirts, this London-based creative brand has remixed the emblems and sponsors on the jerseys for their own good. The adidas shirts in red and black feature a football-crest inspired logo from Road140, as well as the rewording of their T-Mobile sponsor to ‘Trap phone’ – talk about street football.

The other set of jerseys is a home and away from an old PSG jersey, with Nike and the kit manufacturer and usually Fly Emirates as the sponsor. However, the guys at Road140 have remixed this, too, bringing a ‘Fly London’ text to the jersey, instead. From afar, these are going to look like your standard football jerseys, but the subtle remixing and reappropriating makes these some really special pieces.