#TrainerTuesday: Andre 3000 releases first-ever footwear collection


The Swedish brand, Tretorn have left it up to their iconic creative director to design their latest range of sneakers.

Andre 3000, the music and fashion legend and the frontman of the hip-hop heroes, Outkast, is the creative mind behind this new range titled; “I André Benjamin will not draw in class.”

A reference to the blank canvas that he so often decorates with his own unique art, this capsule collection features 10 unique designs. They are Benjamin Andre’s classroom doodles brought to life. Each one is finely designed with a range of materials combining over-dyed and quilted fabrics.

The fact there are 10 designs shows the attention to detail that was put into these sneakers and as such, they are worthy of filling this week’s #TrainerTuesday slot. With these on your feet, everyone’s gonna like the way you move.

Take a look at them here if you want to get your hands on them and put your feet in them.