Trainer Tuesday: New Triple S Colourways from Balenciaga

They’ve become one of the most iconic sneakers of recent times, with their standout chunky appearance going from risky to well-received¬†seemingly overnight. They are, of course, the Balenciaga Triple S.

In line with the hype and demand, Balenciaga has reeled out some brand new colourways. 5 styles of the Triple S have been put out, with an extremely slick black on black edition being a particular highlight. Juxtaposing them, though, look out for the fluorescent edition, as one of the hottest brands in the world right now challenge their following to take a risk this season with their footwear.

One version sees the blue and red of the¬†previous Triple S colourways sitting alongside dark brown overlays, as these, along with two other new reworks of what seems to be this year’s most talked about trainer, complete a drop that is sure to get sneakerheads chatting about the Triple S once more.