Tinello kitchens and interior: Verastile players

Every team needs a player with versatility. 

Someone who can play in a range of positions, understanding different styles and approaches. Tinello brings this approach to their kitchens and interior design, mastering a variety of styles and finishes to everything they make.

They’ve got the modern look down to a tee. Expect hi-tech gadgets, futuristic¬†finishes with a consistently clean look no matter the state of your washing up. As innovators at the very front of the homeware market, Tinello doesn’t just follow trends but they set them, too, making them an obvious choice for anyone looking for a contemporary styled kitchen.

But they can hit the mark with their classical and rural kitchens, too. If you’re looking for the finest woods with a luxurious finish, it’s an area of expertise for Tinello. Their ability to combine the likes of this rural look, with a classical or modern feel, is what makes them the versatile players that they are.

Take a look at some of their collection to get some inspirations for your own home…

A full collection of everything Tinello create and install can be found online, and in their magazine, too where there are 90 pages of kitchen inspiration.