This year’s Christmas wish list…

It’s December – and therefore it’s time for your annual panic to get those presents in.

Luckily, Life After Football have got you covered with the following list of must-have gifts for either yourself or your loved one… but definitely for yourself.

iDDNA Skincare


The wonders of iDDNA Skincare are nothing new to us at LAF. We’ve been admirers of them for a while now, as they combine DNA-based, genetic information about you to craft completely unique skincare treatment.

The Swiss brand is leading the way in innovative and specialist treatment and the attention to detail they put into this wonderful product means it will be a fine gift for a loved one.

Make the first step of adding iDDNA to your Christmas list by visiting iDDNA.Works.

Samsung S7 Edge


Anyone unwrapping this wonderful piece of technology is sure to have an equally wonderful Christmas day. It is truly state of the art in terms of design with slick appearance both outside the screen and inside it.

The Galaxy S7 edge and can also go everywhere you go, normal for a mobile device, right? Wrong. It can go up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters under water!

New features such a ‘Shortcuts’ make this the most user-friendly phone on the market, with all the high standards of features that you would expect from any Samsung product also present.

In coral blue, the Galaxy S7 Edge looks icy – a perfectly fitting appearance for the remainder of the winter ahead. Surely one of the coolest presents under your tree this Christmas.



So, receiving underwear at Christmas seems to be some kind of unwritten, unofficial tradition. You never ask for that new pair of boxers, but someone who ‘really wasn’t sure what to get you this year’ will get you them, anyway.

It’s no bad thing, new underwear is one of the most underrated things in life. However, what you don’t want is someone buying you the wrong pair, wrong fit or even wrong size. Muchachomalo are the underwear experts who will get it right.

More ‘wearable art’ than underwear, the brand make incredibly detailed products for both me and women with designs that are hand-drawn by their in-house artists. Muchachomalo is Spanish for ‘bad boy,’ and this is a concept the brand prides itself on, creating off-the-wall pieces that are sure to get anyone who sees your underwear talking about them.

Don’t settle for any underwear in your stockings this Christmas, get yourself some art!

Lassus Tandartsen whitening treatment


Christmas is a time for smiling as much as it is about food and drinking, so why not make the smile of you and your loved ones the best they can be?

Lassus’ Dentists have been putting smiles on their clients’ faces for some time now from their clinic in Amsterdam, providing quality service and personalised treatment for all. Amongst many other dental services

Amongst many other dental services, they offer a terrific teeth whitening service that may put a grin on one of your loved ones’ faces this Christmas. If so, it will be a grin that will soon see wonderful results as the smile experts really know what they’re doing. It won’t be long before their teeth will be as white as the snow that may or may not be falling outside your window when the big day arrives.