The new, smartest way to travel…

For the frequent travellers among us, at times there is a struggle to tie together an outfit with a backpack or something similar, whilst remaining smart and sharp should your desired destination require it.

You don’t want to show up for a business meeting with a rucksack – this is the real world now, not school. Jannissima, a brand whose mission is to help people move freely, have conjured up a really good solution to smart travel. Meet Bugaboo…

Coming in a range of sizes from handbag to trolley, these luxurious travel bags are as practical as they are stylish. Designed for travellers, the Bugaboo by Jannissima collection mixes modern tech with timeless fashion. It’s a more sophisticated look for travellers who need to look the part as they arrive in hotels and airports all over the world.

The black selection are all made of a fine leather, meaning a versatile bag that will compliment any outfit. The handle makes them more like a suitcase on the larger models, making them easy to carry through the streets of wherever your travels may take you.

Furthermore, they’re also available in a brown leather and grey canvas. The ‘cognac’ leather oozes class, again being a solid addition to any outfit whilst maybe making more of a statement than the aforementioned black collection. The grey canvas is, again, another strong look, with the change of material bringing a different approach but the same reliability and high-quality finish that you can rely on with all of your valuables.

For more information on these impressive travel must-haves, visit the Bugaboo website where you can find out how to get your hands on one.

And if you are getting away soon, happy travels.