Tens Club take us back to ’96

What is it about nineties football shirts that hits every time?

US-based Tens Club have incorporated the iconic branding of Nike’s designs for the kits that blessed the first ever MLS season back in 1996. As such, they bring a bold swoosh back into the frame, with the white outline that made the iconic logo of one of America’s most successful stand out.

Thin stripes break up the vibrant colours that shirts of this era always had on their palette, with the fine details in the colour and sleeves testament to the desire of Tens Club to truly replicate the shirts that symbolise a landmark in the history of our sport in the USA. Tens Club, themselves, are a brand geared around everything that the number 10 means. That’s not just the legendary players, creative and flair possessing footballers of years gone past, but also in a cultural and political sense.

As such, all of these items have a number ten printed on the back and, best of all, this special brand release a new project on the 10th day of every month. So, if you want one of these number 10s on your back, and want to make sure you don’t miss what ever is next from Tens Club, make sure you sign up to their newsletter and be ready on April 10th.