TENS CLUB: “Streets.”


TENS CLUB are taking a serious dig at you, generic skate brand and football collaborators.

Rarely the sort of brand to conform, the American football culture label releases a new collection on the 10th day of every month – a testament to the originality of the playmakers who have worn the number 10 down the years. This time around, they’ve taken a not so sly dig at the number of skatewear and football shirt crossovers that the streetwear fashion scene has conjured up in recent times.

Captured on some nice film photos, they’ve got a male and female model to sport their oh so generic items, with the words ‘skate brand’ and ‘football brand’ printed on each. There’s been several collabs of this nature before – and that’s not to say that they weren’t done well – but TENS CLUB have attempted to blow them out of the water with this latest release.

The shirts, as always, are very exclusive. If you want to get your hands on them and feed your hunger for irony, you need to sign up to their mailing list. It doesn’t take long and it will leave you in good stead of getting any future releases when they emerge on the 10th day of each and every month – they never seem to disappoint, either.