TENS CLUB: School of Total Football

It’s almost the 10th of the month which means more fire from TENS CLUB.

The football culture brand is inspired by the legacy of the game’s great number 10s – the creative playmakers that they are or were. They’ve made tributes to the likes of George Best in the past and now, on a slightly more obscure whim, they’ve made a t-shirt inspired by soccer camps.

The School of Total Football tee features some wonderfully tacky graphics found on old summer camp t-shirts, as generic illustrations of all sorts of football and soccer moments are captured in all of their ambiguous and generic beauty. Look out for fine detailing such as ‘NYC ONLY!!’ and alluring slogans like ‘Can you afford not to attend?’ make this a hilarious tribute to the tacky nature of soccer camps from yesteryear.

There’s a slight Ajax-inspo here, too, as you’d expect from the ‘Total Football’ reference which was of course birthed by the Amsterdam club. But more so, this is a tee inspired by seeing the beauty within the tacky and the hilarity in monetised football coaching.

Coming in a strong black tee with all these lively graphics, this t-shirt will be available to those who have signed up to TENS CLUB via their monthly newsletter.