TENS CLUB: Marlboro Adventure Team Vintage Capsule

It’s the 10th of the month which means that the football culture connoisseurs over at TENS CLUB, have released their latest drop.

Exclusive only to those who subscribe to their newsletters (so do it), their releases often tell tales of football from years gone by. With this, the Marlboro Adventure Team Vintage Capsule, they’re exploring the ancient art of footballers smoking.

Back before the current climate of elite professionalism that we find ourselves in today, footballers have a cigarette was almost the norm. Before the game, after it and during half time, the likes of the great Johan Cruyff famously enjoyed a smoke.

So, TENS CLUB dug up a bunch of old Marlboro Adventure Team gear (yes, they used to make outdoor apparel) and re-worked it with graphics of their choice. Inspired by an old cigarette endorsement featuring the Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano, as well as anti-smoking graphics inspired by Johan Cruyff’s “Smoking Kills” ad that ran in Spain and West Brom’s famous anti-smoking kits, these vintage pieces have been reworked to create an intriguing capsule with a juxtapositional message.

As mentioned, these unique pieces only dropped today (10th Jan) and you can get them by signing up to TENS CLUB’s newsletters. If you do so, expect to see something like this in your inbox in and around the tenth day of every month in the calendar.