Taittinger: ’tis the season


Christmas means many things to many people but one thing that seems universal is the commitment to celebrating life with friends and family.

Doing so can involve anything from presents to food, but at this time of year, only the best will do. That’s why Taittinger seem to be the only choice for beverages this season. They have such an array of champagnes, as a flick through their Cuvėes Gallery shows.

With a minimum of three years maturity before it’s ready, their Brut Rèserve is timed perfectly for times of the year like these. Delicately balanced as a result of the care that is put into making it, Taittinger describe it as ‘an honour’ to make this Champagne every year and ship it worldwide.

For something different around your table this Christmas, though, their Prestige Rosé stands out – not least because of its electrifying bright pink appearance. With fine bubbles and an excellently fruity taste involving wild raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant, this is a delicious addition to any Christmas.

For a full look into the revered cellar that holds Taittinger’s collection of fine wines, make sure you check out their classy, interactive website before Christmas comes.