Tag Heuer and Max Verstappen

This weekend saw the launch of a brand new Tag Heuer motive, pairing with the Formula 1 ace, Max Verstappen to present a fittingly special watch.

He might be the fastest Dutchman on the track, but with Life After Football’s very own Regi Blinker hosting the event, his football skills were put to the test, too. Two times World Champion in Panna Jeand Doest was also present to lay down his own skills, putting the pressure on the F1 driver as part of Tag’s motto… #DontCrackUnderPressure.

In his day job, Max epitomises this ethos. Speeding around a tight track, followed by his fellow competitors and needing to hold his nerve and his concentration for incredibly long amounts of time. His reliability on the track ties in with the consistency that Tag have in crafting their time pieces. They are tough, durable and always stylish – elements put into the watch that was unveiled at this unique event – Max Verstappen #33.

Max Verstappen said during the event in which his watch was presented: “I wanted something that is dear to me. Athletes are quite fetishist, and this number 33 is always with me now, on my wrist, with this special edition. It will remind me of my challenges and my performances to always do better.”

Just like on the vehicle that he’s so famous for driving, this piece of tech is made of specialist materials. Stainless steel finishing, an aluminum blue fixed and sapphire crystal make up some of those used on this limited edition watch. They’re limited to just 533 pieces worldwide and it will be from September 2017, on sale in the Netherlands exclusively – Max’s homeland. This, of course, means that the Amsterdam-based Gassan will be among those stocking this unique watch amongst their huge selection of luxury jewellery and timepieces. But like Max Verstappen on the track, act fast, because these are limited.