Supreme unveil collection with Public Enemy and UNDERCOVER


Supreme has joined forces with hip-hop legends, Public Enemy, to produce an eye-catching capsule with some extra help from UNDERCOVER, too.

Public Enemy were and still are a voice for change is hip-hop and society, with an often powerful, even forceful message of racial equality in their music. It’s this outlook that has inspired the range, with the album ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ providing much of the imagery across these pieces.

An amazing puffer jacket provides one of the highlights of the sizeable collection, whilst a pair of collaborated Doc Martens and some 14k-gold necklaces prove the range of the scope in this drop from Supreme.

It’s been nearly 28 years since Public Enemy released the album in question yet with some of the most-talked-about and most contemporary brands of today paying tribute to the people that inspired them, game-changing classics like ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ will never die. And the album lives on through some of the most exciting streetwear you’ll see this season.