Summer fragrance from Atkinsons


The London-based perfumer has created itself a sweet-scented reputation for high-quality fragrances down the years, being formed way back in 1799.

And Atkinsons are ready for the summer of 2018, too, bringing out this classy natural spray for both men and women.

‘Mint and Tonic’ is a perfect cocktail of ingredients and natural smells. Inspired by the tranquillity of an old English garden, expect some fragrant notes and some seriously sumptuous aromas in each slickly designed bottle.

Mint obviously plays a huge role in this scent, with the freshest of the herbs providing an essence of cool that’s so welcome in the summer months. Look out for notes of fruit, too, as grapefruit, lime and mandarin combine for a sophisticated tang.


The scent is versatile, working for an all-day freshness or an evening out and most impressively of all, it’s a good perfume for both men and women. The sort you want in the bathroom for a quick spray along your day, or the perfect one to leave on a bedside table, accessible to him and her.

There’s a sense of life in this spray, the sort that makes you want to cease each and every one of the summer days ahead. And for that reason, it should be one of the smells of the season.