Suburban cool: Harbour Club and Pablo Lucker create unique restaurant

IMG_9584_picture_by_SUKRU MESE
Given our long-lasting relationship with high-end restaurant Harbour Club (you have to be fair: they’re one of the best seafood restaurants in the country), you will not be surprised that we have to tell you all about their new branch in Vinkeveen. Many of the LAF Awards Nights have been held here so it goes without saying LAF and Harbour Club have a warm relationship.

Located just 20 kilometers out of Amsterdam, Harbour Club Vinkeveen gives a very literal interpretation to its name. As the restaurant is perfectly accessible by boat (and also does boat services and private hire!), they’ve literally established their own little suburban harbour. We’re not even going to talk about the food because we all know it’s absolutely excellent and definitely worth the night out. For those who simply do not want to leave – which has a very bigh likelihood after dinner there – there also is a hotel included in the building.

Its marine-like interior might not come as a surprise, as you already know Harbour Club. The newest addition to their splendidly designed interior is the artwork of booming artist Pablo Lucker. His quintessential designs (‘dream writing’) have made it to other premium brands like BMW, Porsche, Ray Ban. Now it was about time to give his designs an everlasting result within the interior of the newest high-end restaurant in the area: Harbour Club Vinkeveen. Interior guru Will Erens (Curtain Club, Panache) cooperated with the Amsterdam-based artist. Turns out the combination Erens’ design work and and Lucker’s on-the-spot fantasy-like designs lead to an amazing result. Will this be part of the new Harbour Club DNA all over the country? We think it should be!

(Photo credits: Sukru Mese)

IMG_9590_picture_by_SUKRU MESE