SET are about to change the backpack game


Technology has been accelerating faster than a Mclaren for some time now, with phones becoming smarter, computers becoming smaller and Internet becoming one big, omnipresent, meme-churning machine.

Yet, some aspects of our daily life are yet to adapt to the new tech that surrounds us every day. At Life After Football, we appreciate¬†the nostalgic romance of the retro, but we also applaud innovation and invention – that’s why when this futuristic backpack came to our attention, we were suitably impressed. All those above-mentioned tech items benefit from the SET ‘Numi’ backpack, and perhaps most amazingly of all, so does the environment.¬†For anyone going on some last minute travels this summer, get a load of this…

SET stands for ‘Sun. Energy. Travel.’ The reason? That’s because this backpack, amongst so many other features, comes with a solar panel attached that helps to power it and, in doing so, can power up your devices. The most powerful edition of this groundbreaking rucksack can charge your smartphone more than 11 times whilst you’re on your travels – a must whether you’re needing to contact friends and family, or Google Map your way around a foreign land. It’s also going to keep your tablet charged and even some laptops, so your devices can stay charged for both work and play whilst you travel across the globe.

Sticking with the laptop, there’s a useful compartment to store your essential device. It’s going to keep it secure and safe, just like everything else in these 20 to 30-litre backpacks, with the help of hidden zips. These stay hidden from anyone getting into your bag who shouldn’t be going into it – from thieves to nosy friends and fellow travellers. Also, the whole thing is covered in waterproof material, protecting your belongings from tropical downpours – or just that boring grey rain that you get at home. This isn’t just ‘waterproof looking’ fabric, it genuinely works, and what’s more is that these bags come with their own hood for extra protection from water, dirt and anything else that life on the road may throw at you.

The Backpack Numi is a new invention, funded by crowdfunding and inspired by a love for travel and the environment. One day, such features, of which we have only named a few, may be normal in a backpack. But for now, this bag deservedly stands out as a piece of innovation and a piece of brilliance. For the full lowdown on everything that this backpack can do, check out this fittingly named website; SET.TRAVEL.