Maduro and Van Der Garde behind the wheel…

We took these two sporting talents to Barcelona to whizz around the scenic setting, and combine their experiences of two different sporting worlds.

Barcelona, or more so, Catalonia, is the home of many wonderful things. Gaudí, FC Barcelona, Messi etc. But it is also the birthplace of SEAT, the Spanish car manufacturer that is one of the most forward thinking in the modern industry, always combining motoring with style.

So, when it was arranged for two Dutch sporting stars to test out the Cupra Leon 300, there was only one place that racing driver, Giedo van der Garde and ex-La Liga star, Hedwiges Maduro could take it – through the scenic Barcelona. The very motherland of Seat provides the ultimate location not just for stunning views and cinematic footage for this insightful interview, but also the best place to make the most of the Cupra Leon 300’s driving experience.

An impressive, easy to use yet futuristic touch screen system allows simple navigation, ensuring these two never got lost – a possibility despite all of Giedo’s driving skills and Hedwiges’ six years of getting to know Spain via La Liga. The first thing the pair both noticed, though, before the sun kissed mountains and winding roads, was the speed of this vehicle – a truly high-performance hatch back.

Whilst the stylish white and red of the Seat driven would look good just about anywhere, it looks it’s very, very best when accelerating in this special location – this is when it sounds the best, too. But the engine roar doesn’t interrupt a conversation between the two sportsmen alternating time behind the wheel, as they relax in the comfort of the vehicle – sat in their own hub of air conditioning far from the heat of outside.

Maduro was, of course, in safe hands when his peer was driving – even if his extinct tells him to go faster. However, should they or anyone else behind the power of the Leon Cupra 300 need it, this is one of the safest cars on the market thanks to amazing detailings for safety right down to a ‘tiredness recognition system.’ This is just one of many technological adaptions to this car such as wireless phone charging and the KESSY Keyless System that means you just push and go.

And crucially, once you are going, it is the most powerful Seat road car ever, in the entire history of making cars as beautiful as the area in which they are born.