Secrets of your skin: hannah Primum Elixer

Other than getting a nice tan, your holiday often gives you a bit of a grayish look. When you come to think about it, it’s not a surprise, because too much UV-light can thicken your skin. The result? No glow, grayish hue and a lack of shine on your skin. Thanks to hannah‘s Primum Elixer your skin will be smooth and revitalized in no time!

For that fresh and youthful face, the mild peeling that is this Primum Elixer aims for effective improvement of the skin. The key ingredient for this is mandalic acid, which makes sure the ingredients in cremes are absorbed even better than before. The collagen production of the skin is stimulated, making sure you will look younger than Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez and his everlasting babyface.

Visit your nearest hannah skin coach and move forward towards that smooth skin, using hannah Primum Elixer.


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hannah Primum Elixer 30ml/€59,-